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Teach the change you wish to see

If you clicked on this page, I first just want to say THANK YOU! You are incredible and I am so happy you’re here. 

My name is Miss Sutherd. I’m just your average 29 year old, small town, TikTok’n elementary teacher, that’s trying to make the world a better place. I love to tell stories and make people smile. When I’m not teaching the youth, I’m at home with my two Golden Retriever puppies, Brinkley and Penelope (P for short). 

Here are some of the FAQs:

How long have I been a teacher?:

6 years

What’s my first name?:

I like keeping things as Miss Sutherd :) I hope that’s okay. 

What are Oh Crap Moments and how did they start?:

Oh crap moments are the moments in teaching when kids say or do the oddest, silliest, and/ or inappropriate things, that you’re not quite sure how to react to. When I first started teaching, I would come home and tell my mom all these funny stories about my kids. She would laugh and insist I write these things down to remember them. Now I share them all with you. 

Do I have any kids?

No, just my fur babies. 

Where do I live?:

I am located in Northern California

What made me want to become a teacher?:

I feel like I’ve always known I wanted to be a teacher. I remember being little and setting up my stuffed animals as my students to play school with. 

Do you have any siblings?:

Yes! I have a brother and a sister who are both older. 

Will there be more merch?

YES! I wanted to ease into this; I'm new here :)

I’ll add more to this later ;)

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